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Our Model

Our model is based on creating monitor­ing metrics to enable an intelligent learning organization, providing information necessary to optimize the processes and keep the service aligned with the goals of the organization.


The Command Center generates metrics, in real time, by consolidating instances to KPIs and dis­playing them on the Management Consol. Every data event relating to a process that feeds the Consol is stored in a Data Warehouse and is available for analysis.

Learning Organization

Tools are available to analyze and manipulate this data to promote an intelligent learning organiza­tion.


The data can also be analyzed within the Six Sig­ma framework to enable process optimization, increased efficiency, enhanced risk management and risk mitigation.

Our focus is to start to generate management information as quickly as possible, putting actionable data in the hands of managers. To ensure a robust management platform, we mount dashboards which display business performance metrics and dashboards that display operations performance. The objective is to create a common base to asses results, efficiency and profitability, transparent to internal managers and where appropriate the client. This transparency enables issues to be identified quickly and solutions implemented effectively.

The technology solution is designed to be “light”, which facilitates a rapid implementation cycle. The components include a BMPS (process management), BI (operations management) and the clients / service provider’s legacy systems. The BPMS solution is connected to the legacy systems via SOA (typically web services / XML); depending on the complexity of the integration this can be done in phases while retaining operations management integrity through the use of check list and manual intervention.

There is a constant review process with managers to ensure that they have the data they need to make effective decisions and provide a real time view of operations performance. The Management Information (MI) system will evolve as the operation evolves, delivering the right data at the right time to the right person.

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