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About Us

Supera Inteligent Business Growth was founded to support modern BPO and traditional Outsourcing service companies improve their business performance. Built on global Outsourcing and BPO experience we understand the business and operational dynamics of service providers and the challenges they face in scoping, implementing and delivering services to their clients.

Our business model is unique; we are not a traditional consultancy. Our engagement and remuneration model enables Supera to partner with the service provider and share in the business improvement. The focus is to optimize Operations, impacting all of the components (Proc­ess, People and Technology), by implementing process monitoring and providing management information for our clients.

The biggest lift to the client is in a focus on monitoring metrics. The indi­vidual instances in the process are monitored and tracked, and these role-up into Indicators, which role-up into KPIs, that are then consolidated into SLAs. This enables the data from the process monitoring to be analyzed by the Quality team (within a Six Sigma Framework) and drive the Continues Improvement cycle.

The format and business model of the partnership is dependent on the scope and requirements of the engagement but typically include a project phase in which we focus on “transforming” the clients current model and an operations phase, where we work with the client to improve the margins on current contracts and attract new clients based on a revised offering.

We have a tried and tested methodology that maps the current operations model, identifying the characteristics of each third level activity in the process. Once detailed we analyze the results to identify efficiency rates, the initial benefits that process automation could deliver and continuous benefits from implementing process metrics that provide data on the performance of the process.

Superas’ focus is on Continuous Process Improvement. This approach increases operational efficien­cies and reduces costs with reduced operational risks. It is scalable, so will promote business ex­pansion with business risk mitigation.

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